How to Get Admission in Harvard Business School?

Harvard Business School is indeed the first choice for lakhs of students who are aspiring to get their MBA degree. Many aspirants are always on lookout for the following questions, ‘How to Get Admission in Harvard Business School?’, ‘What do they look for in a candidate?’,’ What is the acceptance rate?’ and much more. Today we are going to address the above questions in this blog.

Firstly, let’s talk about the acceptance rate. If we analyze the data given at the Harvard site, it shows that it has become tougher to get accepted at the Harvard over the years. The acceptance rate for the Harvard MBA Program is 12%. As per the data, Harvard Business School received 9,543 applications for the year 2016 and out of that 1,859 students joined the program.

Blindly assuming that your chances of getting accepted at Harvard are 12% is also not correct and will not give you the true picture as the chances of getting accepted depends upon many other factors.

So, your chances of getting accepted at the HBS is better or less than 12% will depend on your portfolio. There are many Indian students who got accepted at Harvard with no high GMAT, IIT degree or consulting background. It is actually your value as a fit in HBS as perceived by the Harvard Business School Admission Team. So, now after addressing this question, let’s move on to the major one.

Admission in Harvard Business School

Getting MBA admission in Harvard is a dream-come-true for many of us and we can do whatever it takes to get there. So, here we are going to give you some suggestions which will help you to get admission into the Harvard Business School. It is always advisable to pick up the tips which are relevant to you and develop your own application strategy.

  1. Know what makes Harvard what it is

It is imperative to know what it is that’s so special about the ‘Harvard’ and why you feel you will be perfectly ‘fit’ for that seat. If you can’t find solid reasons other than Harvard being the top B-School to be there it is quite obvious for the admission team to sniff it. You need to understand whether it is the right school for you or not. You should study the profile of other students who could able to make it to the Harvard and what is it that you are expecting from Harvard. This will help you to visualize whether you should be applying for the Harvard Business School or not.

  1. Make sure that you have ace grades in your earlier education

Harvard is known to produce the best leaders in the world and they have a filter system where they select the best of the brains. So, it is very important that you have stellar academic statistics. High GPA along with the high GMAT score and the leadership roles you have held during your graduation and work experience will help you to come out as a strong candidate.

  1. Get into the right industry

Harvard Business School shares a successful brand story and thus know the value of brands. It is known that one in four Harvard students has worked as a consultant in top firms. So, it is very important to get into the right organization at the right position because that will increase your chances of getting selected.

  1. Be a Leader

It is very important to have leadership qualities to be successful in life. So, if you could able to show that you have that leadership potential in you, the Harvard Business School’s door will surely open for you. So, it is very important to now only show what you have achieved as a leader but also communicates as a leader.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to emerge as a strong contender for the coveted MBA seats in the Harvard Business School Program.