How to Write SoP for MS and Why It Is Important to Get Admission in Abroad

Check here How to Write SOP for MS and Why it is so Important for Get Admission in Abroad. in this article, we will discuss about How to Write SOP for MS.

Every student dreams of having a quality educational degree and a tag of a prestigious academic institution on his/her CV, but only a few of them get the opportunity, and if the degree is from abroad, the numbers of the ‘lucky ones’ get scrutinized by half—probably less than that. So, what makes the application of the candidates who study abroad acceptable? Let’s find out.

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How to Write SoP for MS
SOP for MS

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What is A SoP?

SOP, which is an abbreviation for Statement of Purpose, which is the most crucial ingredient of the application. It is the deciding factor for your admission in that particular college. It gives a slight understanding of what kind of a person you are and it is the first impression of yours on the admission committee. You have to make it look good because first impression is always the last expression. Accentuate your professional interests and the influential points for your career path.

The Statement of Purpose is not supposed to be a to the point question and answer paper. A good SoP is one which responds to most of the questions using short stories, life incidents and anecdotes. Irrespective of your SoP being factful or artistic, it has to be very well written. It has to be expressive and loud. The SoP is also the opportunity to leverage your admission chances in case your grades (or GPA) are slightly on the lower side.

Why Is It So Important?

This is because the SoP is the only part of your application packet over which you have full control. Your academic and extra-curricular records are in the past. Choose wisely your recommendation letter writers because they play a very important role in the entire application process because they give a brief description of your overall personality from a second person point of view!

How to Write Best SoP for MS?

Every year, hundreds of thousand applications are filled up by the young science graduates to have their further studies (Masters) from National prestigious institutes such as IIT, IISc and IISERs and from abroad, but only a few of them get selected. A major number of student applications get rejected due to their uninteresting SoPs. When writing an SOP, always think from the side of the University. They have a ton of applicants from all over the world. What should be the different factor about you that would make them admit you? How is your story unique? What do you have that the others don’t have?

The SOP should consist of the following parts:

Introduction: This should be a paragraph long and tell the readers why you are enthused about this particular school and program (mention unique features of the program) and why do you want to pursue a Masters.

Body/ Skill sets: This is definitely the meat of your SOP. Should be 2-3 paragraphs long, and is your advertisement. Before you start writing your SOP, make a list of your skill sets. The body includes all your skill sets, each supported by at least one example. And these are not random skill sets like you are a good classical singer, but definite skill sets geared towards the requirements of your program. Your approach here should be: Mechanical Engineering requires so and so skills, and I have them, and I have evidence to back me up. Evidence is winning competitions, awards, and if it does not have an official document backing it up, you must have at least one of your recommenders mentioning it in their LOR.

Reason for negative points: After you have made a good impression, now comes the time for your excuses. The mistake most people make is to dwell too much on excuses, but rather the approach should be to tell the committee how much you learnt from the experience, and what steps you took to ensure it does not happen again. Give evidence of your reformation, and you will be fine.

Conclusion: Short conclusion reiterating the last four paragraphs.

Follow these four steps, and you could write the perfect SoP for your MS degree.

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