How to Write SOP (Statement of Purpose) for Graduate School?

Before going to abroad for further education, students needs to submit SOP in Universities. But most of students don’t know how to write SOP. For this purpose, they are in search for How to Write SOP (Statement of Purpose) for Graduate School?, SOP Writing tips, What is SOP, etc. In this article, Tanmoy Roy and Niharika will answer you.

How to Write SOP- Your journalistic mind is not letting you breathe?? Still wondering about what is a Statement of purpose (SOP)? Or have you totally gone astray?

Don’t worry. Today we’ll answer all your doubts. We are going to solve the unsolved puzzle.

How to Write SOP for Graduate School:

How to write a SOP

By answering the 5 W’s and 1 H! 😉

It’s simple!

  • What is a statement of purpose?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Who writes it?
  • Where do we send it?
  • When do we need to write it?
  • Lastly, How to write it?

Let’s begin with the first W! What?

A statement of purpose is a formal letter, which we write to the university, in order to get enrolled for the degree, course or research program we purely yearn for! We need to mention our caliber, our skills and qualities which make us best to be chosen among the other candidates. It should also include your interest and career goals. It is an application which describes you, and also what presently you are studying & how it is connected to the course which you want to pursue from the University. In case you have not got so attractive grades, then this is your best chance to impress the admission team and give them a reason to offer you an opportunity to study & explore new avenues at the institution. It is a personal and targeted cover letter. You should also give a strong reason to the admission committee about your keen interest in their institution.

“SOP provides the opportunity to the admission team to know you better and consider your application. It is a vital part of your application kit and should be in accordance with your CV, academic transcripts, letters of recommendations (LOR) etc.

Why do we need it?

The second W will let you know about why we really need to write it! A statement of Purpose plays a vital role in the whole admission process. As we can’t visit the University before admission to make them understand about our passion, and our zeal to be a part of the institution, or in simpler words to convince them. Thus to break these barriers we write this simple formal letter to persuade the university for our selection. We do this written communication with the university, for enabling the university interpret our personality interests and caliber. Also it lets the University know how keen, convincing and connected we are with the course we are applying for. You need to write a SOP to get admission for Undergraduate, MS, MBA and PhD programs in abroad.

How to Write SOP
Statement of Purpose
Who is the writer?

Obviously it’s you! It’s you, who is going to write the Purpose of statement. Well it is not an easy task it needs a lot of efforts to write this intellectually sparkling formal letter, which becomes the bridge between you and the university. And apparently the bridge has to be stronger, which could connect you to your destination. Even if you are not that much confident about your language skills, still do it, give it a try. Also, never ever Copy any already written Statement of Purpose as imitation and plagiarism is something which the university is not going to tolerate. Moreover, it is a personal statement. You have to write your own story. Do it yourself, the university wants to know about you, not somebody else, if you are not self-assured then you must give it someone to proofread it, to any person who have good language skills, to any educational counsellor, your professor or any adult.

Where do we send it?

We need to send the Statement of Purpose to the university directly along with other documents (academic certificates and transcripts, CV, Letters of Recommendation etc.).

When do we need to write?

We need to write a Statement of Purpose when we want to study Abroad. If we have a goal for the overseas education then this letter is a must for catching the dream!

The ultimate question! HOW to write SOP??

How to write a Statement of Purpose/ How to Write SOP  is very important question. Simply write about what you really want to learn, An Sop, must mention that how the candidate is currently connected to the courses which he is applying for, the candidate must explain, with relevant points that how he is related to the same field in which he wants to get enrolled. Students must elaborate their skills as well in the letter. In fact now the students have an attractive option of the online assistance!

How to Write SOP
How to Write SOP

You can visit the Learn section, and can explore more about the ways of writing an Statement of Purpose, you can clear your doubts of writing, by the online exploration.

The Statement of Purpose must be written in a connected way, which should include the important points. The SOP must revolve around particularly to the course or degree the candidate is applying for. Also you must mention his career triggers which made him to pursue the specific degree he is applying for. Ideally a SOP should be within 500 words for Undergraduate programs. If you are applying for MS programs, it should be something in between 500 to 1000 words. For MBA or PhD programs, it could be more than that because you will need to elaborate your professional experience and achievements. Keep it concise, to-the-point and attractive. A candidate must elaborate about his career that where his career has reached so far, also how this course will help him ahead.

So we’ve almost set the pieces correctly! To solve more puzzles visit the learn section or get in touch with one of our counsellors.

Here a little bit more help , Download these samples to get you started immediately.

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This article is also contributed by Niharika Tewari