IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks

IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks: IELTS Reading test involves reading of passages from a variety of sources including magazines and books. The purpose of the reading test is to evaluate the reading skills of the candidates in different areas. The test comprises of reading of three different passages. The content that is given to the candidate to read may not be specialised, but the articles are really very high level. The content may be scientific as well as of general interest and hence you need to prepare yourself properly prior to appearing for the IELTS Reading Test. There are IELTS Reading Tips available that you may use to prepare yourself for the reading test and to score high grades in the test.

IELTS Reading Preparation Tips

  • Time Management – Most of the articles that will be offered to the candidate for reading are too lengthy comprising almost 900 words. The candidates are given only 1 hour to complete the test. So, it becomes difficult for candidates to read the whole article and understand each unknown word. So, time management should be good during the examination.
  • Understanding Question Types – This is one of the crucial IELTS Reading Tips for preparation you must know. You must have good understanding of the type of questions that you need to answer in the test. There will be ten questions that you need to answer and try to attempt the one that you know.
  • Learn Reading Skills – Candidates are required to recognize the reading skills that are best to answer the questions. For instance, if the questions you are attempting have label paragraphs then you must prefer using skimming to get general idea of every paragraph is the thumb rule.
  • Understanding Test Structure – Like other tests, IELTS reading test may also become complicated as your progress in the test. Remember, you have limited time frame and you must prefer to proceed if you don’t know the answer without wasting your time. After attempting all the known questions you must attempt the difficult questions.
  • Understand How Synonyms are Used – Most of the words in the questions might be different from the keywords in text. Some of the words might be used as it is in the test question, but most of them will be different and hence you are required to use the synonyms carefully in such situation.
  • Paraphrasing – The test questions may paraphrase meaning of a section of text so it is required that the candidate understands the actual meaning of paraphrasing and prefers to look for these in the test questions.
  • Be Careful and Correct – While answering the test questions you need to be careful enough about the grammatical and spelling errors as it can bring negative marking to your overall score. You also need to be careful enough for your plurals.

These were some of the IELTS Tips for reading test that you must know. All these tips will help you to prepare yourself for the reading test and help you score higher grades.

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