IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks: IELTS is the popular English language proficiency test that is taken by the non-native speakers. This test evaluates the proficiency of the candidate in English. This test is divided into two categorizes – IELTS Academic and General Training. There are four sections that are covered in the test including speaking, reading, listening and writing. The writing section of IELTS test comprises of two tasks – Task 1 and Task 2 and the total test time is 60 minutes, of which 20 minutes is for Task 1 and 40 minutes is for Task 2. If you are intending to appear for the writing IELTS test then it is worthwhile to know the IELTS Writing Tips to ensure securing higher grades.

IELTS Writing Preparation Tips

  • Be Prepared Fully for the Major Writing Test – There are many websites over the internet and British Council that offer the candidates with free tests and test samples. Candidates can seek help from these samples and practice prior to appearing for the examination. The IELTS Tips for writing test offered at these websites are really helpful for the candidates as it can help them score high grades in the writing test.
  • Learn Good Time Management – This is very crucial for the candidates to have good time management skills. The time given for the writing test is only 60 minutes and they have to cover all the given topics in the test. With good time management skills candidates can easily complete the given tasks in the exam. They must learn how to schedule their answer in best way possible to complete them within the given time frame. This will help them to attempt maximum number of questions in the writing exam without difficulty and complete the tasks by the time limit.
  • Using Clear Formatted Paragraphs – This is most common thing where the candidates often make mistakes. You must learn how to use clear formatted paragraphs and you must prefer not to repeat the ideas again and again. Ensure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct in the test paper or else it will lead to negative markings.
  • Ensure About the Word Limit – It is necessary for the candidates to write 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2. The thumb rule for getting the approximate word count is writing around ten words per line. This will help you know the exact word count and there is no need to counting individual words after writing. You need to ensure that you fulfill the requirements of word count. You can count the lines you have written and figure out the word count.
  • Review the Final Write-ups – This is very essential for you to read the final write-up prior to submitting it. This is essential to ensure that the write-up is up to the mark and fulfill the requirements of the test. This will also give you the chance to review and check for the spelling mistakes and grammar which may lead to negative marking in the test, if any error is found.

These were some of the IELTS Writing Preparation Tips that you must follow to achieve success in the writing test.