Last Minute GRE Tips and Tricks

GRE Tips for Preparation- Get here GRE Tips and Tricks. Numerous online resources and tools are available to help students prepare for GRE®General test in the form of GRE Tips. For preparation, students can go through sample questions and tips. ETS offers a variety of tools to help students prepare for the test in advance. But before going through the preparation tips one needs to have a clear understanding of the format of the GRE exam and what it elicits from the students.

Below is the format structure of the GRE exam.

  • Analytical writing
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning

Analytical writing section tests the critical thinking and analytical writing skills of the students. It consists of two tasks: a 30 minute “Analyze an issue” task and a 30 minute “Analyze an argument task.” Since it involves critical thinking, every student must come prepared for this task. The verbal reasoning assesses the ability of students to analyze written material and synthesize information from it. Verbal reasoning consists of three sections. They are the reading comprehension, text completion and sentence equivalence. Quantitative reasoning measures the basic mathematical skills of the students based on elementary mathematical concepts. ETS has prepared a variety of free and low cost tools to help students prepare for the test. To have a look at the sample questions of GRE, students can visit this link Prepare for the GRE® General test.

GRE Tips and Tricks- Practice for GRE Test:

There are other tools like the ScoreItNow!™ online writing practice that helps students to sharpen their writing skills. The Khan Academy is another tool that provides additional information on maths concepts in the form of videos. The POWERPREP II, version 2.2 software has practice tests and the students can have the real test experience because of its design features. For further practice students can purchase the official test preparation material like the The Official Guide to the GRE® revised General test.

GRE Tricks

The last few days are very critical for students who have to for appear for the GRE exam. Experts believe that students must evaluate their strength and weaknesses. Students are advised not to learn new skills. Students must tackle the questions they know first. There’s no point wasting time on questions that are tough and the result may ultimately turn out wrong. Test-takers might as well attempt questions that they are confident about and gain marks on them. Test-takers can also make note of the questions that are tough and attempt it later. You can score higher marks in multiple choice questions. If you know the answer, choose the right answer choice. If you are not sure, check the other options. Eliminate the choices that seem to be wrong and choose the one that you are finally left with. Keep practicing till a few days before the exam so that the content remains fresh in your mind, however do not stress and over work yourself. Revise all the old notes.

GRE last minute preparation

Test-takers are advised not to study anything at all, one day prior to exam. Do not burden your brains with anything new. Take plenty of rest so that you remain fresh and have plenty of stamina for the final exam. Eat nutritious food. Plan and prepare for the next day. Sort out the essential things that are required for the next day like ID card etc. Eat a wholesome breakfast preferably rich in proteins. Relax and engage yourself in fun-activities. Engage yourself in activities that keep you calm and help you to relax. Trust your capabilities and keep a positive attitude.