MBA Colleges in USA without GMAT | How to Get MBA Admission Without GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the most widely accepted test for the admission in business school. The exam is administered by Graduate Management Admission Council and accepted by more than 6,100 graduate business programme across the globe. Every year, a large number of candidates wish to get MBA Admission Abroad. In this topic, we will discuss about MBA Colleges in USA without GMAT Score and How to get MBA Admissions without GMAT Score.

MBA without GMAT in Top Business Schools:

Although GMAT score is mandatory for admission in Top Business Schools, there are some courses where a candidate does not have to prove themselves solely on GMAT score basis. It is mainly the executive programmes that offer and MBA without GMAT. These schools give high weight to work experience of the candidate. Most of the business schools which offers MBA in USA without GMAT score do require the candidate to have the following:-

  1. Work experience- it is one of the most important requirement and mainly for those candidates who wants to take admission without GMAT score. For the executive programme, the candidate should have 8-12 years or more of experience to support their application.
  1. A CV that where they have to mention their professional details and experience they have to complete the course.
  1. Recommendation letters- Letter of Recommendation is also very important for those who want to take admission without GMAT score. At least 2-3 reference letters from previous employers are required to judge the candidate’s potential.

MBA Admission in USA without GMAT:

In USA, almost 80% Universities require GMAT score for admission into MBA programme. But there are some Universities, around 20% which accept students without GMAT score. There are some selection criteria which is used to select a candidate without GMAT score. The criteria may be GPA of previous degree, work experience, Recommendation letter. The GPA score of previous degree may vary from Universities to Universities. Universities set up the minimum undergraduate GPA requirement for the admission in MBA programme. In general the required work experience for admission in MBA without GMAT score is 5+ years.

Top MBA Colleges in USA without GMAT:

There are some colleges/Universities in USA which accepts admission in MBA programme without writing GMAT exam. But there are some selection criteria (as mentioned above) which they need to follow strictly for those who are without GMAT score. Some of the Top colleges/ Universities are following:

  1. Farleigh Dickinson University(NJ)
  2. Monmouth University(NJ)
  3. Montclair State University(NJ)
  4. The Richard Stockton College of NJ(NJ)
  5. Rowan University(NJ)
  6. Wichita State University
  7. Kansas State University
  8. Virginia State University
  9. Rivier University
  10. San Jose University – Computer Science

Admission in MBA in USA without GMAT:

For admission in MBA programme, especially in USA, the following selection criteria one has to follow. The candidates should have following:

  1. Exceptional GPA: the candidate should have the exceptional Grade Point average in the bachelors.
  1. Work Experience: work experience should be 5+years and it should be loosely related to the degree that candidates aim to study.
  1. Undergraduate Research Projects: exceptional undergraduate research projects also helps students to get admission n Top MBA colleges without writing GMAT.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that, though GMAT score is mandatory for admission in MBA colleges across the globe,there are some MBA colleges which judge the candidates’ capabilities on their past performance. It is a good for those candidates who have not done well in GMAT but they have done well in their past or undergraduate programme.