Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Australia

Study Abroad in Australia- In the past decade, a trend has come to be in India. Indian students struggle to study abroad. The question to ask here is why study abroad in Australia? Indian students study abroad in order to get an edge. Given the population and competition in India, to study abroad is a very practical option.

Over a period of time various international universities have opened up to accept Indian students, offering scholarships and courses which are new and challenging. So in this wide range of universities, which has become available to Indian students, which is the right option? Which country should one choose to study abroad? Here we shall tell you which the right destination for your higher education is.

Why You Should Study Abroad in Australia:-

In recent times, Australia has become a popular destination for Indian students. Many reasons contribute to this popularity.

Australia: A Destination for Higher Education-

Australia is a leading global powerhouse. It offers some of the world’s best educators and programs. The international student body is provided with a wide range of quality study options. One of the best attractions of the country is that is has a population of 23 million only. Thus all the sectors of the country, varying from food and health to education, are fulfilling. Australia is the 3rd most popular international student destination in the world. Australia boasts of at least seven universities among the top 100 in the world

High Quality of Education-

Higher education is available in India as well. Then why study abroad? For better quality of education! This is not to say that the quality of education in India is not good. But it cannot match the quality of education that one receives abroad. The experience of receiving education at an international platform is enriching. Australian universities promote these high levels of education. The Australian education system is designed in such a manner that students are transformed into international citizens – smart, challenging, inspired, innovative and ready to change the world for the better. Some study areas in Australian universities are more popular than others. The following courses feature in Australian universities which are ranked among the top 50 in the world:

  1. Arts & Humanities
  2. Engineering & Technology
  3. Life Sciences
  4. Physical Sciences
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Clinical, Pre-Clinical and & Health

Cultural Diversity-

Australia is behind only U.K. and U.S.A. in terms of international student population. With over 22,000 courses in 1.100 universities and colleges, Australia ranks above Germany, Japan and Netherlands. Australia encompasses a very diverse environment that caters to students from all backgrounds. Australia is home to 5 cities that are among the 30 that have been ranked as the best student cities across the globe. These cities include the best student mix, quality of life, affordability and employment opportunities. Cultural diversity is one of the most important answers to why study abroad.


On an average, Australian universities easily invest A$200 million in scholarships and financial aid for local and international students. This makes for a great gateway for international students to experience the Australian education and the benefits it can bring to them. Lifestyle in Australia is a life changing experience. The wildlife of this country, along with its adventurous streak, will bring out a wild side in you. It will boost your passion and motivate you to push your boundaries. Sandy beaches and deep azure ocean are either the background of your residence or your university or it will be your weekend spot or even study place. The lifestyle and culture of Australia will bring you closer to nature and help you see your life with a new perspective.

From its barbecue, adventure sports and wilderness to its education system, lifestyle and cultural diversity, all scream out “study abroad – Australia!”