“While abroad, international students gain a wealth of skills, which means they are curious about different cultures”

Studying abroad as international students broadens your worldview. Broadening one’s worldview, in other words, means getting wiser. When you study abroad you expand your knowledge and get exposure to a new culture, mindset and values. Ironically, to gain a better understanding of one’s culture they have to live in another for a while which serendipitously becomes the biggest benefit of a broadening worldview. It is an extremely valuable form of learning that transcends the classroom and has to be experienced first-hand.
Studying abroad as international students means getting a job 50% faster than your peers. You will land a role within 2 months of graduating, instead of 4″. the broader worldview helps you do significantly better in a professional career. The first obvious reason is differentiation. As international students, studying abroad makes you stand out from the crowd. That is your resume’s little secret. You experienced a new culture, went out of comfort zone, adapted to another worldview or learned a new language. It shows that you went the extra mile to become more globally aware and to become an educated citizen, which is highly appreciated by employers.

From the perspective of employers, young professionals who studied abroad as international students illustrate a certain level of maturity, curiosity, and dedication. When a company needs to offer a new position and has two equally performing employees to choose between, differentiation criteria takes precedent. The overseas experience will with no doubt be one of them. Discovering the cultures and customs of different nations gives a student a fresh perspective of the world. A person’s experiences abroad can shape and mold them into well-rounded individuals who can connect and interact with people of many different backgrounds. Academic experience abroad sets you apart. The first step in getting that great internship or landing your first job is to have a standout resume. The benefits of the global mindset a person gains from studying abroad are what bosses and businesses value, especially with today’s globalized economy. Choosing to study abroad as international students also allow for personal development in a way that would not have been possible by staying at home. Living and traveling on your own gives you a greater sense of independence and expands your world views tremendously. Traveling the world allows you to learn (or brush up) new languages, making it an opportunity almost impossible to refuse. Studying abroad is a perfect way to learn the ropes of being on your own. You’ll learn great life skills of making travel appointments, connecting with local help resources, and getting a job. You’ll learn to know what you want and how to get it through skills of discipline, hard work, and determination.

By the time you come home, you’ll have more motivation to succeed and leadership skills to bring people along for the ride. Studying abroad is not always easy. It can be a frustrating experience as well. You might feel homesick. School tasks, policy and life, in general, might be different in your host country than in your homeland. Don’t stress. Studying abroad allows you to use these trials as tools for growth. And, when you return home, you’ll have a much better perspective on what are “real problems” and what are “mere inconveniences”. More than any other lesson, study abroad teaches you that your actions never happen in a vacuum. By living in a different culture, you realize that human experience is universal. You’ll find out that people who look and think differently share the same core values and priorities as you do. And, you’ll also discover that people who are geographically separated still have an incredible influence on each other. This global perspective will help you be a more compassionate leader and also will make you a better employee and citizen in future. Studying abroad as international students is often spoken of by college students as one of the most “life-changing experiences” they had during their course of study. The reason for that is learning new skills in a new environment, which eventually last longer and are more relevant in your life than those you obtain during regular college classes.