University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is amongst the top-notch universities where on average more than 2000 admissions every year are reserved for international students. Not only that the University of Edinburgh is amazing as there are some interesting facts which are related to this elite university:

  1. Amongst the most Ancient Universities:

The University of Edinburgh is amongst the most ancient operational universities in the world. The University of Edinburgh was established way back in 1583, nearly 435 years ago from today. This kind of vintage can be boasted by very few universities. Not only does it give a sense of pride to the student, but also an important life lesson and peer expectation of living up to the traditions of excellence.

  1. Respectable Alumni, and have some renowned names attached to it:

The prestigious stage of the University of Edinburgh has some renowned names attached to it. It is known for the warm treatment it gives to its alumni. The University of Edinburgh is known to give 3 former UK Prime ministers, Astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers and former director of MI5.

Such an illustrious alumni base speaks volumes about the education and culture of the university. Indeed, a university is evaluated on the basis of its alumni. It acts as a litmus of the quality of education.

  1. Prime Scenic Location:

The location of the University of Edinburgh is set to be amongst the most scenic locations where you can find greenery at its best, with snow covers till your eye can see. The snow-covered pine thrills an international student. In summer the famous meadows in the University of Edinburgh are used to host friendly rugby matches between students.

So basically, the walk from the hostel to the classes is how a student starts his day. We bet a beautiful start to the day can definitely do wonders.

You will enjoy being educated from such a university which has ample to offer and less to make you homesick. Though the only challenge you may face is the English language with a native accent which is the case if you want to study in any of the top colleges in Edinburgh.