Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations and Universities for Fashion Designing

The ever-growing fashion industry is one of the best and most glamorous industries in the entire world. Not only does it offer a hefty sum of money to fashion designers and models, it also offers invaluable exposure and experience to those associated with this industry. Fashion Designing courses are in great demand these days.

Fashion Designing

Here are the top 10 study abroad destinations and universities for pursuing a fashion designing course.

New York City – This city is home to the latest fashion trends in the world and is also the base for the world’s biggest names in the world of fashion. The 2 top universities for fashion designing in this destination are Parsons, The New School for Design and Fashion Institute of Technology.

London – Another immensely fashionable and stylish city, London is known to be a leader when it comes to the fashion world. The top universities in UK’s capital are Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art.

Milan – Being Italy’s fashion capital, Milan is as popular and advanced as Paris, London and New York when it comes to fashion. It is home to some of the world’s top fashion designing brands. The Instituto Marangoni and Politecnico di Milano are the top 2 universities in this destination.

Paris – Paris is considered to be the centre of the fashion world. This French capital is one of the most sought after places for young people who wish to become fashion designers. The 2 universities that are the best in Paris are Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and ESMOD.

Belgium – An upcoming city in the world of fashion is Antwerp which is also Belgium’s capital. The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most sought after universities in this city which offers superb fashion designing courses to its students.

Japan – Japan is not only a technically advanced country but its capital Tokyo is also gaining immense popularity when it comes to fashion. The Bunka Fashion College is an exceptional one which is known for offering the best programmes in fashion designing and creation.

Australia – Though a little far away from the rest of the world, Australia is an upcoming fashion destination and is taking over the world rapidly. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is known for offering master’s level fashion programmes with excellent work placements too.

Russia – An upcoming country in the world of fashion, Russia is known to set new standards in the fashion industry. The Belgord State University of Arts and Culture is rapidly becoming the first choice of students from around the world when it comes to choosing a university for fashion designing.

New Zealand – Though New Zealand may seem quite far and small to most of us, it is an extremely popular fashion destination while the NZ Academy of Fashion is one of the most popular universities worldwide. It has helped start the career of several world-famous fashion designers.

Singapore – A great South Asian destination for studying abroad, Singapore is quite popular amongst young students in Asia and worldwide when it comes to pursuing a fashion designing course. The Lasalle- SIA College of the Arts and MDIS School of Fashion and Design are the most popular universities in Singapore.