1 Month GRE Study Schedule (Weekly)

GRE Study Schedule- Want a GRE Preparation plan? How to prepare for GRE in 1 month? We will answer to all your queries. Find below all the details.

If you are thinking of preparing for GRE in a month first thing is that you have to use the time very efficiently as the time is less and you have to use proper use of the time for preparing for GRE. Studying for the GRE in a month requires commitment and concentration. First, you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are on the GRE. Then, you need to target your weaknesses while also building on your strengths.

A month is less to prepare for a GRE, but though if you maintain GRE Study Schedule, then it will help you in preparing for the same in the stipulated time. Know all the strengths and weaknesses before preparing for the GRE. You have to set a GRE preparation Schedule first and maintain it till the day of the examination. Find below all the trick of how to prepare for GRE in 1 month.

1 Month GRE Study Schedule:

First, you need to set a GRE preparation schedule. Make a proper GRE Study Schedule or timetable for each segment. In a month, there are four weeks and according to that set the timetable. Keep a practice test for each segment according to the schedule. Study for the whole month and this will help you in finding all the weak points. Also put a focus on the vocabulary section too.

Mark the days on the calendar and keep yourself alert for the revision.

GRE 4 Weeks Study Plan:

During this one month, set the plan and start working on it. There will be four weeks in this one month and you have to prepare accordingly.

Firstly, you have to take 6 days for the GRE preparation, 2 hours for a day, a total of 12 hours. Here we will provide you a weekly plan for your GRE preparation.

Week One:

Learn all about the GRE examination pattern syllabus, question papers pattern, etc. You will get the important details on the GRE on the official guide of ETS.

Start with the math section. Start studying and give 2 hours to study and another 3 hours to practice the maths. If you can dedicate more hours for the practice as practicing is very much important for cracking in any examination. If you have any weak areas like algebra and any other, wholly focus on it.

Week Two:

In the second week, focus on the verbal section. Start with the section that you are weak. Work on it and seek help if you need. Start reading and practice as much as you can. Understand all the structure and styles of the verbal section.

Week Three:

After studying all the sections, for example when you think that you are all set to give the practice test. Keep yourself ready for the test. Make a practice test for yourself and see where you are making mistake. Try all the questions of GRE. If you make any error, try again and again. Take test for yourself as much as you can. This will bring out the weak points and through this you can solve the problems. Compare the scores of the tests with each other.

Week Four:

Review all your errors for the last time. And try to solve all the errors quickly before the examination. And please take care in maintaining the time, because this is very important. All the best for your examination and crack it well.

The above mentioned is the 1 month GRE Study Schedule. Follow it properly and surely you will rock the GRE.

GRE Preparation Tips

  1. Follow all the possible practice papers
  2. Review all the error logs
  3. Practice as much as you can
  4. Before a day before the examination, don’t rush. Stay calm and recall all the portions.
  5. Be strong and bold in the test and attempt all the questions properly within the assigned time.

All h very best for the examination. Practice as much as you can and crack the GRE. You can do it.

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