3 Months GRE Study Schedule for Beginners

GRE Study Schedule- Looking for GRE Study Plan, GRE Preparation Tips? We will provide all the essential materials of how to prepare for GRE in 3 months. Find the details below. Step wise we will provide the preparation tips for the GRE.

How to prepare for GRE in 3 months

We will give a 3 months preparation tips on the strategies, plan, etc. for the GRE. Month wise we will provide the timetable, schedule, and plan.

During the first month of GRE Preparation plan or GRE Study Schedule, get detail note on all the strategies of the pattern of questions on GRE. Know the questions properly. Collect all the previous year’s question papers and know the type of questions that come in the examination.

In the second month of GRE Study Plan, answer the questions of GRE, set a time for answering the questions. See how much time you are taking in answering the questions. Answer the questions section wise like answer the data interpretation first, then geometry section, a quantitative section, algebra, vocabulary, etc. Don’t mess up all the questions together. Most importantly, don’t forget to note down the time you are taking to answer the questions.

In the third month prepare for the verbal sections and take a look at the overlook paper.

3 Months GRE Study Schedule:

GRE preparation Schedule is very important before the preparation for the GRE. A proper schedule will help you in doing great in the examination. Maximum 2-3 months of preparation is enough for the GRE. But for that, you should follow a routine. First and foremost, you have to study at least 3-4 hours a day. Collect all the necessary study materials. Make a routine for the preparation.

  1. Firstly, collect all the essential guides of GRE. Watch some videos from some highly rated websites. You will get many websites that provide GRE lessons. Understand all the mathematical, quantitative, verbal reasoning, etc. modes before moving to solve the problems.
  2. Practice all the possible questions and if you aren’t able to answer take some help from any GRE expert or drop the message in the comment box below. We will come up with your answer.
  3. Point out your weaknesses that you faced in solving the answers. Note down and work on it.
  4. After watching all the video lessons and reading the study material and solving the answers, get into the level of your examination. How much you have done and how much time you took to solve the answers.
  5. Review your answers and compare, whether they are correct or not.
  6. After reviewing the answers, practice more questions. Also, focus on the verbal section. Work on your weak points and practice as much as you can.
  7. Complete all the mathematical problems.
  8. Also, focus on reading section
  9. On this week focus on solving all the sections as much as you can.
  10. Note the time you are taking to answer the questions.
  11. Take a stop watch when you are solving the questions.
  12. Learn the vocabulary continuously
  13. Always review the answers as soon as you finish solving.
  14. Focus on Issue essay and an Argument essay. Write and see your writing skills. If you face any issue, ask for help.
  15. Before one week for the examination, see if you have missed any of the questions to solve. If you missed any of that, finish it and know the root.
  16. Re read and re solve the questions if you get extra time before the exam.

GRE Study Schedule – Day Before the Examination

A day before the examination, don’t mess up with any problem. Just keep a calm review.

  • Stay away from chaos and stay calm
  • Go to bed as early as possible and wake up early on the examination day.
  • During the examination day, avoid last minute preparation.

Hope you got all the GRE Preparation Tips for your upcoming GRE. Score well and if you have any query feel free to comment in the box below.

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