Cost of Living Comparison Between UK and Australia

By Meet University

Cost of Living
Cost of Living

I think the UK and Australia are the two topmost beloved countries to study in and also the most expensive country to live in- no doubt about it! Cost of Living in Australia and in the UK has its own upsides and downsides. Spending on tuition fees is different and living Cost of Living is entirely different.
But how expensive is it? Australia, currently, is the 12th highest country in the Cost of Living, with the USA and UK well behind at 21 and 23rd place respectively. The overall Cost of Living in Australia is 10% cheaper than in London.
To illustrate this we have done a price comparison between these countries on the basis of Cost of Living which includes- where to live, traveling costs, food items, house rents, and health.
So, if you’re planning to study in these countries, before applying check this article so you’ll get a clear view of – How much do you need to save in your bank account?

1. Which city to live in in Australia and the UK?
Although it depends on your university place that in which city it will be easier for you to live to cut the transport costs but here are some popular choices that you can think of –
• Melbourne a cosmopolitan city famous for great food, art, music, and jobs.
• Sydney for an active nightlife and great beaches and ranks as seventh in a row of becoming the most livable cities in the world.
• Perth for soaring temperatures and a completely isolated city surrounded by the seas. If you love peace then it’s the best city.
• Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the backpacker lifestyle.
• Brisbane for the tropical temperatures, sports, and city-life all in one.
The top 5 cities of the UK which has their own style and experiences for international students and also cover universities which come in QS World University Ranking-
• London, the capital city of the UK still ranks as the most chosen city for students.
• Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland one can’t escape this unique cultural phenomenon.
• Manchester is famous for its Metro link tram network with restaurants offering delicious food.
• Glasgow student population was highly impressed by the options for eating out and the nightlife.
• Coventry Transport Museum has the biggest collection of British made cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in the world.

2. Transport and Communication
When it comes to Australian transport, it is comparatively cheaper than the US as it gives more miles in less money. Public transport in Australia offers you four options: train, bus, ferry, and light rail. But not every city has a river, so ferries won’t be available and trams are not used in all cities either. You can also access private and public owned car services from door to door. Also to international students, there are no concessions in any transport unless you are fully funded by Australian Government scholarships. Larger education also provides its own in-house transport system to its international students.
UK transport consists of trains, railways, buses, and airways. In the UK people use different names for the bus which is named after their distances. Like an intercity bus is called coach buses, and for long distances tour buses are needed. To travel in these transports one needs an oyster card, a kind of a pre-paid ticket, used by most of the people for the underground, overground, national rail and buses. Also, if a student is applying for an oyster card, he/she gets a 30% discount on adult-rate tickets.
3. Groceries and Food expenses
The daily shop items- vegetables, fruits, milk, bread and etc. in Sydney- are comparatively higher than in London. It is 38% higher in Australian shops than in London markets. A dozen eggs will be about EUR 2.50, a loaf of bread around EUR1.54, and a 1-liter bottle of milk is EUR0.89 in Australia whereas EUR1.92, EUR1.00, EUR0.91 in London respectively. A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Sydney will cost upwards of EUR49, compared to about EUR50 in New York or London. On average you’ll pay EUR6.65 for a Big Mac Meal and EUR 2.59 for a coffee. But you can become a good one because Australians take their coffee seriously.
4. House rents and accommodation
Rentals and accommodation fees are high in both countries, but it also depends on which you are planning to live in. If you are living in Sydney which is an expensive city it will Cost of Living you around EUR1,471 and in London 1,755 (1bedroom). As said earlier, kit purely depends on which city you choose. If you don’t want to live in these expensive cities, you can go to dwell in Adelaide which will cost you up to EUR755 for 1bedroom in the city center. While in the inner ring of any popular city, a one-bedroom dwelling might set you back but in the outer ring, a one-bedroom dwelling would cost you much low.
Australian rental property owner may ask for a 4month deposit as a security, so pull your socks up before moving here. Australian apartments come in three ways – completely unfurnished, unfurnished (appliances with little or no furniture), Furnished (appliances and furniture), the Cost of Living vary.
5. Health
Australia and the UK, both have an excellent health care system. Whether one is an international student or a permanent resident both have access to medicines at both the private and public levels. The average premium for UK private health insurance is EUR1,435 per year. Health insurance pays all or some of your medical bills if you’re treated privately.
If you’re coming from New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom then you’re are entitled to treatment through Medicare because of the reciprocal health agreements between countries. Walking, running and cycling are the most working exercise where one doesn’t need any gym membership because of the outdoor weather.
Conclusion- With the quality of life, sunshine, and months spending in beach weather, it’s easy to see why Australia remains a favored destination for ex-pats from around the world. And the UK is known for its glamorous lifestyle which entitles the best education without compromising quality. If you like royalty, historical culture, and traditions, then you’re at the right place.
Though it is difficult to choose between the UK and Australia, one thing is sure that you’ll be provided with the best quality of education and life-style which will benefit you in the future.