How to Calculate GMAT Score

General management admission test or GMAT is meant to check your eligibility for the exams to admissions in to the MBA schools across the globe. You may watch out for the GMAT score if you want to check for the possibility to acquire the admission in the famous B-schools. Your knowledge skill is tested for varied factors which include the following:

  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical writing
  • Integrated reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning

The purpose of the test is to get the admissions in the graduate management programs of the famous B-schools.

The duration of the test is for 3.5 hours and the tests are being conducted in the following categories:

  • Verbal section
  • Quantitative section
  • Integrated reasoning section
  • Analytical writing assessment

GMAT Score Calculation:

The test basically involves the predictive capability about those students who are eligible to get the admissions in the test. There are is basically the correlation and the variation of the score which states if you will be able to get the admission in the college you expect.

For instance, you can talk about the GMAT percentile that helps you to have a clear idea in the arena in which you can acquire the score. If you have scored around 800 in the exam then this score comes out to rest on the percentile scale of 99%.

Likewise, the mean score that you get is 551.94 which have to be in line with the requirement being set by the colleges to acquire the admissions.

GMAT Score Scale

When it comes to gaining the score in GMAT then you need to have an overview of the official GMAT scale score. There are five parts in which the report is divided into which is as follows:

  • Verbal scaled score that ranges on a score of 0 to 60
  • Analytical writing assessment also known as AWA on a scale of 0 to 6
  • Quantitative scaled score that has a range of 0 to 60
  • Integrated reasoning score that is calculated on a score of 1 to 8
  • Total scaled score which is in the range of 200 to 800

If you have been trying hard to score more on the quantitative section then there is something that you can have a look on when it comes to the GMAT Quant Score. As for the top slot, you have to gain at the most up to 51+ score in the section to ensure that you are holding on to the most coveted seats of famous colleges.

The GMAT Verbal Score also has a value in the exam and that helps you to find a college where you acquire a seat for yourself in the coveted colleges. When it comes to the best of the things then this test really makes it easy for you to boost your academic degree.

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