IRCC changes Canada reforms plans to benefit international students

By meet university


Planning to study in Canada? Then, there are some announcements made by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) about a few changes in its Canada Study visa policy. These changes are made to help the large number of international students who migrate to the country in order to gain a quality education.
As the large number of international students arriving in the country contribute a lot to the social and economic sectors of the country, therefore, Canada tags great worth to them benefitting themselves as well as the international students.
In an effort to give valuable assistance and help to these students, IRCC has introduced the following measures:
• IRCC will process study permits on priority for students who have submitted a completed application online. This will ensure that their student visa permits shall be processed at the earliest.
• IRCC is bringing up a temporary 2-stage approval process for international students who can’t yet submit a completed application for a study permit and those who want to do their Canadian educational program online. This new approval process is available to students who are willing to begin their programs this fall. They will submit their application for a study permit by September 15, 2020.
• IRCC is also enabling foreign students to commence their Canadian study courses online while they are still abroad. Their time outside Canada will be counted towards their PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) eligibility if they have submitted an application for a study permit and if at least 50% of the study program is completed in Canada.
IRCC is trying to help all the international students with their new amendments in order to begin their programs in time for fall 2020. IRCC is trying to make all the efforts to solve the qualms and difficulties caused by Covid-19 that have impacted the students.
With the new measures, IRCC can help international students to begin their courses online in fall 2020 at a Canadian DLI (Designated Learning Institution).
Giving multiple benefits to students holding study permits Canada has made the new changes prove to be greatly productive.
Considering the ongoing situations going on in the world due to the pandemic, taking necessary precautions are essential including online learning facility will help them stay safe and at the same time achieve their study, career, and immigration goals.
In this scenario, IRCC will make its best efforts to process the study visas at the earliest. IRCC will even pre-approve an application for a study permit even if the student failed to submit it on time. But this will be subject to certain conditions.
IRCC’s modified and improved policies aim to help international students to pursue goals like high-quality education, opportunity to work in Canada Canadian DLI while studying and after that, and go on to be eligible to get Canada permanent residence. This could even lead to attaining citizenship in Canada.
As we are talking about the conditions for pre-approval, it is necessary to know about the stages involved with respective conditions applicable.
In the first stage, IRCC provides an approval-in-principle for study permits. For that, the candidates must show that:
• They have got acceptance at a Canadian DLI
• They have sufficient funds to support their studies in Canada
• They meet all other requirements for a study permit
In the next stage, students can commence their classes online. They can do this from their own home country at their convenient location. The period they spend learning overseas will be considered and counted to make them eligible for PGWP. But for this, they will also need to have been issued a study permit.
After completing the application and submitting it, the student will be up for final approval for the study permit. To complete the application process, a student must submit:
• Biometrics
• Necessary documents like medical exam and police certificate
Only after getting the study permit, students can finally travel to Canada.
The benefits of Canada’s helpful measures for international students include:
• Opportunity for students to pursue world-class education
• Less expensive study programs compared to the US and many other countries
• Facility to work while studying at a Canadian DLI that will help them find money to meet living expenses
• The chance to get a PGWP after studies, enabling the student to work in Canada
• Opportunity to obtain a PR by virtue of the work experience gained in Canada
• The chance to get Canadian citizenship in time