Required GRE Scores for Top US Universities- GRE Cut off Marks

Every now and then, students keep worrying about the following questions related to GRE:

  • What is a good GRE score for top universities? 
  • What GRE Scores are required to Get Admission in US Universities?
  • What could be the Minimum GRE Cut off marks?
  • What is the required GRE Score in Top MS Colleges?

A great number of students across our countries aspire to complete their higher education in the United States, and therefore, prepare for the GRE so as to gain admission in the desired university or college. Many students keep looking for the required GRE scores for gaining admission in different universities in the US. This article focuses on providing the average GRE Scores for Top US Universities. By the average required GRE score, we refer to the mean of the marks scored by all the students who qualified GRE for a given university. Thus, it is a very helpful tool for the determination of the range of marks that will be accepted in the GRE for accepting entry of applying students.

GRE Scores for Top US Universities- Cut Off Marks:-

So, if you have applied for admission in top US Universities for majors, these average required GRE scores are of key importance to you. In the case that you plan to opt for subjects such as Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, add 5 to the average score given for the verbal and quant sections to obtain your required average. Similarly, if you are interested in majors of non-engineering background, reduce 5 from the given average score to obtain the average required in each of these sections. Check these averages before preparing for the application and admission in a US university through GRE.

Name of University Verbal Writing Quantitative
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 158 5.3 159
University of California, Berkeley 153 – 156 4.5 167
Stanford University 159 4.8 158
University of Virginia 163 4.5 166
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 155 5.0 167
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 158 4.5 160
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 160 5.0 167
University of California – San Diego 162 5.5 160
Georgia Institute of Technology 158 4.3 167
University of Wisconsin – Madison 163 4.5 165
University of Illinois – Urbana / Champaign 155 4.0 165
Pennsylvania State University 150 3.0 165
University of Washington 156 4.0 167
University of Texas, Austin 155 4.0 165
University of Florida (UFL) 154 3.0 165
California Institute of Technology 160 5.0 157
Ohio State University 156 4.0 165
University of Chicago 158 4.0 167
Duke University 160 4.5 160
Washington University in St. Louis 161 5.0 160
Northwestern University 160 5.0 160
Rice University 160 5.0 167
John Hopkins University 163 4.8 164
University of Notre Dame 165 5.3 165
Emory University 153 4.0 – 6.0 166
William and Mary 158 4.5 160
Vanderbilt University 157 4.8 166
University of Texas at Dallas 150 4.5 163


It is notable that the required GRE score varies slightly every year based on the different number of students selected in the top US universities. The average required marks are based on the statistics published annually by the US universities for different departments. Generally, a total of 314 or more in GRE, and at least, 161 in the quantitative section, can fetch a candidate admission in one of the top universities in the US. English proficiency is an important factor in successful admission. The students are therefore advised to work in this area for better chances of selection.

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