Student Life in Germany | Why Germany is One of the Best Destinations to Study Abroad

Student Life in Germany- Germany is one of the top destinations in Europe for international students. It has a great educational infrastructure along with beautiful cities bustling with activity. There are thousands of courses on a diverse range of subjects to choose from and the educational fees are much less. The students also have a good chance for getting into one of the many scholarship programs that are available. Due to these reasons, a large number of students in Germany come from foreign countries.

Student Life in Germany:

Student life in Germany


The life of a student in Germany is quite exciting and happening. It is best if one can master the German language as the people of Germany appreciate the effort of any foreigner who can speak German. Even if one’s grasp of German is not good enough, it is not an issue as English is also a popular language and many courses are being offered in English as well. Germany is also one of the economically strong countries in Europe and the student can get plenty of future opportunities in this land.


The cities in Germany are very cosmopolitan and very safe for international students. Most cities are rich in their culture and frequent cultural events take place which any student can enjoy. Apart from campus life, the night life is also quite vibrant in German cities and there are a lot happening places to eat, drink and enjoy the time. These places offer plenty of scope to socialize and make friends and getting to imbibe the German culture. The youth of Germany are quite friendly and casual in approach so it is very easy for an international student to blend into the community.

Financial Aspects

The average expense of a student involving the basic expenses is not high in Germany. Getting a student’s card is very important as that will enable the student to get discounts in various areas. The transportation options available in Germany are plenty so there will be no problem moving around the country. The Government has also decided to make health insurance compulsory for all students and so that has to be arranged accordingly.


Apart from studies there are plenty of activities that a student can enjoy in Germany. The country has numerous places where one can travel and get involved into various activities like hiking, cycling, canoeing etc. Travelling to famous German cities like Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Hamburg etc. can be a great experience as each city has its unique sight and sound. The countryside also offers unique places for travelling including beaches, riverside and mountain snow. It is also possible to travel to the neighbouring countries like Netherlands, Austria, Poland and others.

Other Activities

Apart from sights, German drinks and food is also a major attraction. Though Germany is famous for its beer, the various dishes of German flavour can stimulate the taste buds of any one. There are also plenty of other activities that a student can get involved into. There is always the scope of doing some community work like teaching younger students. Helping senior citizens in any old age home and helping handicapped people with various activities are some other options of getting involved in social work.

Overall, Germany offers a student, a rich and vibrant lifestyle which can be immensely beneficial to enrich his/her life. So a student can confidently take up any opportunity for studying in Germany.

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