Study Abroad Options for Commerce Students After Class 12th

Looking for Admissions in top Abroad Universities for your Undergraduate Courses, Study Abroad Courses for Commerce, etc.? Check here Study Abroad Options for Commerce students after 12th.

Often students are confused over what abroad study options they have after taking up a particular stream in classes 11th and 12th. This is especially true for a field like commerce where the roads ahead are numerous and overlapping. There are many fields like Accounting, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Banking, Company Secretary, CWA, Stock Broking, Agriculture Economics, Management and Bachelors in Commerce.

Study Abroad Options for Commerce Students After 12th:

There are a number of universities all around the world offering degree and diploma programs in the above fields related to commerce.


Students can go for professions like economist, investment banking analyst, data analyst, marketing manager, auditor, teacher and many other business, government, and academic jobs, after earning a degree in economics. Some programs may be more theoretical in nature while some can target Applied Economics. Also, some can be completely math-centered while others may not be.


Even the smallest of organizations require accounting services. The core courses in an accounting program could be business, accounting, finance and mathematics. Some universities may require students to complete courses in Computer based applications and/or business and corporate law.


Marketing is the spine of every business’s development. In a typical marketing course, students are taught about advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, as well as efficient communication technologies. So, if you have a knack for creativity and effective marketing tools, you should consider taking a course to become a brilliant marketeer.


Management is one of the most sought after courses in the commerce field. The typical subjects one is required to study are Business law, Financial accounting, Information systems, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business finance, Business statistics, International business, Managerial accounting and Marketing. Specializations could include global marketing, global human resource management, international accounting and finance corporate finance, , international management, operations and supply chain management and project management.


Courses like Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) offer a generalized approach towards business studies, focusing largely on interdisciplinary courses and accounting, human resources, humanities and social science, math and so on. While opting for a technical and in-depth Bachelors in Science (BS) degree in business, one must keep in mind the emphasis on mathematical technicalities and further specializations.


One of the most attractive fields for  Study Abroad options for Commerce Students is Finance. Though it may depend on university to university, some core finance papers might include basic accounting, microeconomics and statistics courses. Specializations may follow in the later years of the undergraduate life.


Students who are a whiz with numbers often choose to go into pure mathematical research or teaching field. Other interdisciplinary courses may involve combining mathematics with subjects studied by engineers, architects, computer software engineers, physicists, statisticians, accountants, logicians, actuarial scientists and accountants. Typical core courses may include algebra, calculus, and mathematical statistics.

These were the most attractive Study Abroad Options for Commerce students after class 12th. Though the specializations and electives may depend on the chosen university or college, some basic courses remain the same. A student must check with the given university about the flexibility offered in choice of subjects, before making a final call. Also, a student might feel that s/he qualifies for more than one Career Oriented Courses after 12th. Students must assess their own qualities and strengths beforehand.

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