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Creative Arts in Australia

Arts in Australia
Arts in Australia

The glamour and the adventures that come with choosing the field of creative Arts in Australia make appealing to a large number of students. Arts in Australia has produced many actors, artists, and musicians who are loved around the world, making it a popular destination for international students willing to study Creative Arts in Australia. Australian education providers offer a wide range of courses in the same field, including those that prepare students for careers as performing and visual artists, as well as those that teach students the technical aspects of creative production for ‘behind the scenes’ roles.
About Australia
Australia, located in the southern hemisphere is a sophisticated and culturally diverse nation with a world-class education system. These qualities, combined with the fact that it’s an English speaking country, make Australia an extremely popular destination for international students. Most of the population lives along the south and east coasts. Australia is a highly developed country with the world’s fifth-highest per capita income. Australia is known for being the oldest, flattest, and driest inhabited continent. This is due to its vast range of landscapes and habitats for plants and animals. As well as the rainforests, mountain ranges, and deserts, there are also many modern and developed cities and towns. These cities are home to a variety of tourist attractions and facilities that will be enjoyable for many different people. You will find that you are able to live a metropolitan life in the city, as well as taking in the beautiful scenery of the coast and inland areas.
Why study Creative Arts in Australia
1. Quality Education System
In order to get the best training, applicants are encouraged to choose an institution with the best educational and training provider. Australian Universities are often found amongst the top one percent of educational institutions in and out of the country.
2. Thriving Art Culture
The local art scene has a strong support system in the works. Its Art exhibitions have gathered around millions of visitors per year even surpassing spectators in football fields. In itself, there has been a significant rise in people participating in the scene. Anyone who wishes to start their artistic career will find himself or herself in the right market for it.
3. Government Funding
As a way of promoting the Arts in Australia and the Services industry, the Australian government has set aside grants to support artists and cultural and community events. To those creators find themselves lost income; the government can help with lending financial assistance if necessary.
4. Work while you study
A common perk for international student studying in Arts in Australia is the opportunity to work whilst you are enrolled in university. You can work up to twenty hours per week. You are not only being able to earn extra money to support your stay in the country but you are too able to gain work experience to be included as work experience.
Benefits of studying Creative Arts in Australia
The cultural diversity, clean and vast surroundings, good standards of living, and high quality of education system have made Australia the top destination for international students. Australia is a multi-cultural dynamic country where students can live and learn with ease and comfort. Students graduating from Australia are able to get lucrative jobs and ready acceptance in other universities for further studies. English as the major language of communication, moderate tuition fees, and living costs, and excellent weather conditions are some of the major attractions which international students and make Australia one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students as well.
• The Australian education and training levels have an international reputation and are well recognized across the world. Australia has 6 of the top 100 universities in the world.
• Approach of Australian universities to build confidence in students through career-oriented training that they would be able to survive successfully in this competitive world. The practical training in education greatly increases the necessary skills in the students.
• The country has gained a name in quickly adopting new techniques as compared to most of the other countries. Students studying in Arts in Australia can make good use of the impressive resources and technology.
• One of the highest rates of internet access in the world, fully stacked libraries, and world-class laboratories and classrooms make Australia the leading destination for international students.
Key facts about Australia
• Australia has more than 1000 institutions offering 22000 courses.
• The country is home to about 700000 foreign students.
• Australian education system has been ranked 8th in the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, which is higher than Germany, France, Norway, and Japan.
• 90% satisfaction scores are given by international students for their living and studying experience in the country.
• Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold coast, and Perth are the 7 cities listed in the top 100 student cities of the world.
Eligibility for Australian University
• Almost all Australian Universities accept the 3-year graduation system for entry into most postgraduate courses.
• However, some courses and universities may require a qualification equivalent to an Australian Bachelor (Honours) Degree.
• For most Universities, a good first degree from a leading university in India or its equivalent is essential.
Academic Requirements
You need to provide details of your education including your course subjects and grades in the application. Students applying for admission are required to submit an official transcript from each college or university that they have attended after secondary school with complete details of the subjects, credits involved, and other details like correspondence courses, diplomas, etc. You should provide the attested copy of the following:
• Standard X Mark sheet
• Standard XII Mark sheet
• Bachelor Degree / Provisional Certificate with mark sheet
Application Requirements
• Secondary and higher secondary report or certificate along with the transcripts (mark sheets or report cards) of the final exams. It is ideal to convert the marks obtained in accordance with Australia’s grading system. IELTS and GMAT exam scorecard (in case the student is applying for an MBA course) must be provided. The minimum scores in IELTS and GMAT exam may vary from education provider to provider. Refer to the particular university website to see the eligibility requirements for the course.
• If you are applying for an MBA degree or a degree in higher education like doctoral programs; you may be required to provide work experience certificates or letters, mentioning the complete work details: key responsibilities and positions held. A detailed CV is also mandatory.
• A statement of purpose or personal essay mentioning career goals, interests, extracurricular activities, and why the student has chosen the particular stream, and how he/she will manage financially during the stay in Australia needs to be provided.
• Letter of recommendation (two recommended) from the person who has taught the student or knows him/her professionally, highlighting the strengths weaknesses of the student and why he/she would excel in the chosen field, also needs to be provided.
How to apply for Visa
1. Apply to a school in Australia.
2. Create an account with the Australian immigration authorities.
3. Make sure that you have all the needed documents in digital format.
4. Complete the visa application online.
5. Pay the visa fee and get a TRN number.
6. Possible health check-up and interview.
7. Get your visa decision.
8. Travel to Australia.
• Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) – Scholarships to study in Australia for students of all degree levels (bachelors, masters, Ph.D.) hailing from selected countries within the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, and the Middle East. Applicants from Indonesia can also apply for the Allison Sudradjat Prize and/or the Hadi Soesastro Prize.
• Destination Australia awards – Over 1,000 scholarships of up to AU$15,000 per student per year are available to both domestic and international students to study at all study levels at universities in regional Australia.
• Research Training Program (RTP) – Postgraduate-level Australian scholarships for domestic and international students to study a research degree at a participating Australian university.
• Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarships – Scholarships for commencing international undergraduate and postgraduate students, awarded based on academic merit.
• Australian National University – Various scholarships available for international students at all study levels, which can be found using a search tool on the university site.
• Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) – Tuition fee scholarships available for master’s or Ph.D. students enrolled at the University of Adelaide.
• Curtin University International Research Scholarships – International scholarships for students undertaking Masters or Ph.D. programs at Curtin University in Perth. The university is also offering three AU$10,000 Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships for international undergraduate and master by coursework students.
• Deakin University – A search tool for finding scholarships to study at Deakin University in Melbourne.
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