Top 15 Institutions That Accept TOEFL Score

Institutions That Accept TOEFL Scores- TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is easily one of the most popular exams taken by Indian students to study abroad. In order to study abroad in colleges or Institutes that accept TOEFL scores, one must be aware of the scores required by different colleges and universities. TOEFL is a standardized exam which is designed to evaluate English skills of an aspiring candidate. In general, the test is taken by those whose native language is not English. The test helps to assess the proficiency of the candidate in the English language. Once the interested candidates are sure about their destination, they should aim to get the required scores for TOEFL for that particular institution. But before all this, one must be aware of the institutions that accept TOEFL scores.

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List of Top 15 Institutions That Accept TOEFL Score:-

There are numerous colleges that accept TOEFL score all over the world. ETS (Educational Testing Service) administers the TOEFL exam in at least 163 countries across the world. The test is conducted in two formats namely iBT (Internet Based Test) and PBT (Paper Based Test). Here we will give you a list of the top 15 institutions that take TOEFL score. These scores vary from college to college. The scores also vary depending upon the format in which you give the exam. So be sure of the format in which you plan to give the test and aim for a range of scores accordingly.

          College Name                            iBT score (Internet Based)                                  PBT (Paper Based) 

  1. Harvard Business School                                109                                                                             600
  2. Stanford University                                          100                                                                             600
  3. Oxford University                                             100 (Recommended 109)                           600 (Recommended-630)
  4. University of Cambridge                                  100                                                                             600
  5. MIT Institute                                                      90 (Recommended: 100+)                        577 (Recommended: 600+)
  6. Yale University                                                   100                                                                         600
  7. University of Pennsylvania                              80 (Recommended: 100+)                         550 (Recommended: 600)
  8. Johns Hopkins University                               100                                                                           600
  9. Cornell University                                             100                                                                           600
  10. Boston College                                                    100                                                                           600
  11. Duke University                                                  100                                                                          600
  12. Columbia University                                          100                                                                          600
  13. Montana State University                                 80-93                                                                      550-580
  14. University of San Francisco                              80                                                                            550
  15. University of Virginia                                         90                                                                            600

As it is clear from the table given above that the TOEFL cut off marks, college wise, differ. The cut also vary from each exam, depending on the performance of the candidates.

Colleges that accept TOEFL marks assure space for international students, who can clear this test with the required cut off. Institutions that accept TOEFL score also accept GMAT and GRE, depending on the courses that they have to offer. TOEFL is a gateway for Indian students to gain access to education in U.S. If preparation is made with proper guidance and organization of time, TOEFL is a fairly simple exam and the required scores can be attained easily. TOEFL has helped many Indian students to study abroad.

So if you are an Indian student aspiring to study abroad, keep an eye for institutions that accept TOEFL score!