Which is the best place to study in canada?

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best place to study in canada
best place to study in canada

Canada is no doubt, the top destination for international students to study abroad and for students best place to study in Canada, innumerable students choose Canada as an abroad destination for providing high-quality education and a friendly environment. According to research done by CBIE (Canadian Bureau of International Education) around 60% of international student wishes to stay back in Canada after their studies.

Many of us always wonder about the best city for international students to study in Canada. Technically there are 162 cities in Canada, you can pick any city to study and you won’t be a disappointment. But living in a new country or city is a challenging job. Adapting to a new environment, culture, habits, and people is not an easy task. Before moving to new cities, one should have adequate knowledge about these cities.

The top 5 most famous and resourceful cities in Canada are – Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, and Vancouver. Also, most reputed universities are situated in these cities that are ranked as best in QS World Ranking for the best place to study in canada

The blog consists of the top favorite cities of Canada with relevant details like – best universities, the course it offers opportunities and factors why it is the most popular city in Canada.

The top 5 cities in Canada and their QS ranking are ranked on the basis of safety, transportation, job opportunities, and scholarships. Living in these cities will give adequate exposure to students, cultural challenges, and help them to grow.

Cities QS Ranking
Montreal 4
Toronto 13
Vancouver 17
Ottawa 46
Quebec 88
  1. Montreal – Montreal is the best and ranked as number 1 city in Canada with the QS ranking as 4th in the world according to the international students’ choice. Around 350,000 students go to Montreal for education and a home to various top universities such as McGill University, 2020 world ranking 35. People here speak in French and English and famous for its night beauty, comedy shows, festivals and, rich culture and best place to study in canada

Top-ranked universities and their courses in Montreal:

1. McGill University – Masters of Arts- Masters of Education- Doctor’s Philosophy
2. Universite de Montreal – Administration and Management Sciences-Fundamental & Applied Sciences- Language and Literature
3. Concordia University – Management- Electrical Engineering- Journalism
4. Polytechnique Montreal – Aerospace Engineering- Electrical Engineering- Chemical Engineering

Factors that make Montreal the best place to study in canada:

  • Offers prestigious top-class educational opportunities and a high standard of living.
  • Montreal is considered to be the world’s safest city. It is ranked as 17 in a row by ‘The Economist’.
  • Also gives a lot of job opportunities for students.
  • A friendly and affordable city with diversity in food, culture, and entertainment.
  • The city has a good transport system that is accessible and affordable which includes bus routes, bikes, metros, and cars.
  • Monthly rent will cost you around INR 83000 (1 bedroom) and a meal will cost INR 4000 monthly, which is quite low as compared to other countries and cities.

2. Toronto – Toronto, the capital city of Ottawa, is ranked as the 13th most liked city in the world by QS ranking. The city is known for its cultural hub, monuments, food, festivals, and arts. Around 17% of students in Toronto migrate from different countries of the world that is why 140 languages are spoken in this part of Canada. The most attractive thing about the city is that it is that home to the University of Toronto, which ranks as 29th in the 2020 QS university ranking this is why the best place to study in canada

Top-ranked universities and their courses in Toronto:

1. University of Toronto – Applied Science and engineering- Arts and Science- Architecture and Design
2. Ryerson University – Maters of Science in Data Science and Analytics-Master of Computer Science
3. Humber College – Graduation certificate in Business Management- Diploma in Computer Electrical Engineering
4. York University – Communication and Media- Arts and Humanities- Design and law

Factors that make Toronto the best place to study in canada:

  • International hub, students coming from all over the world – European and Chinese.
  • A vibrant city with multi-cuisine restaurants and entertainments hub to explore. Various majority of tourist attractions are situated in Toronto, where one can never be bored.
  • You can engage yourself with a part-time job (20 hours per week), mostly as a Content writer, Night Auditor, Translator, and Social Media Assistant. The working environment is also very good.
  • Affordable and transportation cost fees. Trains, buses, sea bus, and west coast express- these are all transport facilities present in Toronto.
  • Costs of living include rent of 1bedroom is INR 1 lakh and meal costs INR 5000 per month.
  • Toronto ranks 81% on the safety, crimes like scams and pickpocketing are rare in the city.

3. Vancouver – The Economist Intelligence Unit has considered Vancouver as “most well-living places around in the world”, making this city stand in 88th QS world city ranking. French and English are the top two most prominent languages spoken there. Vancouver is also an expensive city in Canada with natural beauty and a pleasant environment. The city has exceptional educational quality and techniques, the University of British Columbia stands in 51st position in QS top universities 2020 for student best place to study in canada

Top-ranked universities and their courses in Vancouver

1. University of British Columbia –  Material engineering- Psychology- Science and Technology Studies
2. Simon Fraser University – Maters of Applied Science- Bachelors of Applied Science- Masters of Arts and Communication, MBA
3. University Canada West – MBA- Bachelors of Arts- Bachelors of Commerce
4. Vancouver Island University – Applied Business Technology- Arts and Design- Bachelor of Tourism Management, Engineering

Factors that make Vancouver the best place to study in canada:

  • Vancouver is a home city to some major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, and Fortinet. Thus, it gives various job opportunities to international students.
  • Local transport is affordable and you can make your monthly pass to get cheap fare prices.
  • The cost of 1 apartment is INR 1 Lakh and a meal would cost INR 5000 monthly. Other essentials like water bills, electricity bills, and Wi-Fi costs are included.
  • You can also engage yourself with natural beauty and breathtaking activities like hiking, skydiving, and kayaking.
  • The safest country where crime rates are very low.

4. Ottawa – Ottawa is surely one of the prestigious cities in Canada when comes to the student’s life. From high educational facilities and trained faculties to vibrant life and culture, Ottawa has been ranked as the topmost study destination and emerge as 46th in QS city rankings. The city celebrates winter sports- skiing and skating. And if you’re finding a job in Canada after studies, then Ottawa is the right choice for you it is the best place to study in canada

Top-ranked universities and their courses in Ottawa:

1. University of Ottawa – Masters of Computer Science- MBA- Psychology
2. Carleton University – Maters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering- Masters of Arts and Communication- Aerospace Engineering
3. Algonquin College – Graduation certificate in Green Architecture- Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
4. Saint Paul University – Theology- Human Relations and Spirituality-  Canon law


Factors that make Ottawa the best place to study in canada:

  • Ottawa is the safest city in Canada with low crime and death rates.
  • Ottawa’s cultural diversity is unique in nature. 53% of immigrants come from Asia and the Middle East, 17% from Africa, and 15% from Europe, makes it a culturally diverse city.
  • Ottawa is famous for its high employment rates; it has the largest tech park and federal employment node offering 566,000 jobs to its students.
  • The cost of living includes rent of 1 bedroom INR 62000 and a course meal INR4000 per month.
  • Affordable and transportation cost fees. Buses with fixed routes and light rail transit are facilities present in Ottawa.

5. Quebec – The cheapest city in Canada, with its European architecture feel and vibrant city, Quebec is the most vivacious city that ranks 17th in QS city ranking. It is a French-speaking province that celebrated a lot of festivals, especially winter sports’ this is also best place to study in canada

Top-ranked universities and their courses in Quebec:

1. Universite Laval – MBA in Management- MBA in Finance- Masters of Computer Science
2. Universite de Quebec – Scientific and Technological- Social Artistic- Cultural Innovation
3. Universite du Québec Trois Rivières – Business Management- Information Technology- Operations
4. Universite du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue – Operations- Healthcare Services-  Arts and Design


Factors that make Quebec the best place to study in canada:

  • Quebec City is the most popular city and the second-largest metropolitan city after Montreal.
  • Transportation costs are also affordable, as public transport (car, buses, taxis, bicycles, and ferries) is highly recommended for daily mode. Around 350000 people travel every day.
  • Quebec’s Universities offer economic education with advanced technologies, laboratories, sports grounds, and machines.
  • The monthly cost of living for 1 bedroom is INR 30000 and meal costs at INR 4000.
  • Also, it is the safest place and the unemployment rate is also low.